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Fall Allergies On The Rise

    Fall is many folks’ favorite season, for a reason. Yet, despite the cooler weather and stunning rainbow of changing leaves, Fall allergies are some of the worst all year. Plus, allergy triggers this Fall could be more intense than ever.

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Climate Change and Allergies

Climate change makes allergies worse

If you’re like us, you welcome the change in seasons: warming air, melting snow, and blooming flowers. But unfortunately for many of us, seasonal changes also means seasonal allergies. And if you think your allergies have been getting worse and arriving earlier each year, it’s not just your imagination. Climate Change and Allergies It’s one more side effect of climate change. The Lancet has titled climate change “the biggest global health threat of the 21st century.” The obvious weather disasters aside, as the world grows warmer, we can expect more aggravated asthma, high concentrations of

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Can Honey Provide Sweet Relief from Allergies?

It’s old folk lore that eating local honey can provide relief from allergies. The thinking goes that if you expose yourself to allergens regularly, your body will no longer recognize them as foreign. This principle, a type of immunotherapy, provides the basis for several medical treatments. If it works, eating honey could be a cheap way to keep your allergy symptoms in check before they even begin. But other than anecdotal stories, is there any real evidence for eating honey as allergy prevention? Some studies have shown that eating honey as a treatment can be

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Suffer Fall Allergies?

Fall is in full-swing, but along with cooler weather and lovely leaves comes itchy eyes, runny noses, and serial sneezes. Ragweed allergy season has arrived.  To help you feel better we offer insights to help you not suffer fall allergies. For the 0-20% of Americans who are allergic to weeds, fall allergies can make them miserable, leading to missed days of work and school. For ragweed allergies, the longer you are exposed, the worse they get. But say you do everything you can to avoid fall allergies from getting you down—you take your medicine every

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