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Avoiding Exercise Because of Asthma? These Famous Athletes Didn’t Let Asthma Stop Them.

For many people, the thought of exercising with asthma conjures images of wheezing, coughing, and gasping. Every minor activity may be a struggle, and oftentimes, people give up on exercise entirely and lose the mental and physical health benefits that come with staying active. Avoiding Exercise Because of Asthma? But what if we could replace that picture of someone struggling to catch their breath with the image of someone in peak condition? Emmitt Smith winning the Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys. Kristi Yamaguchi scoring the gold medal at the Olympics. Dennis Rodman leading the

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Four Ways to Prevent Fluffy from Triggering Your Allergies

For many people, a pet isn’t just a dog or a cat, but a member of the family and a best friend. Pets can make your life happier, healthier, and fuller.  But if you or your child has an allergy to cats or dogs, the joy that comes from owning a pet may also come with itchy eyes, stuffy sinuses, and headaches. If your pet is triggering your allergies, doctors often recommend removing the pet from the household.  But few people are willing to part with a beloved family member. The most important thing to

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