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California School District Looks To Protect Students With HEPA Air Purifiers

With school starting across the country, many districts are updating their facilities to help students learn better than ever. The Mountain Valley Unified School District is taking it one step further, by purchasing 30 HEPA Air Purifiers to guarantee their students are breathing the healthiest air possible.

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EPA Offers Tools To Help Schools Improve Air Quality

As many Oransi users already know, we recommend our Air Purifiers For Children, because we know they’ll make a huge difference in their health. After all, children have smaller lung capacity than adults and in turn intake nearly 50% more air. That’s why we offer high-performance HEPA air purifiers, to ensure the air they’re breathing in the cleanest air possible. We’re not alone in our air quality concerns for the next generations.

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5 Reasons Children Need HEPA Air Purifiers

For many families, having an air purifier is more of a luxury than a necessity. Something to keep the air relatively clean, but not something that could make a huge impact in the health of your family. Well, we’re here to tell those folks that adding a HEPA air purifier can not only make drastic improvements to your breathing immediately, but have strong, long-term impacts on the respiratory health of your children.

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Kids Have Asthma? Texting Could Save Their Lives

It seems that every week, we hear something else bad about texting. Drivers texting and getting into accidents. Pedestrians texting and bumping into lampposts and falling into fountains. And there’s the annoyance of having everyone around you texting constantly. Apparently texting has created an entire generation of distracted, isolated, and dangerous kids and teens who no longer know how to spell or use proper grammar. Your Kids Have Asthma?  Texting Can Help But for kids with asthma, a text message a day could save their lives. Several studies have been done over the past few

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Is Traffic Causing Child Asthma?

As cities grow larger and larger, so does the number of cars, motorcycles, and trucks jamming up our roadways. To anyone who’s been stuck in traffic behind an 18-wheeler spewing black smoke, it is no surprise that pollution from vehicles can irritate the nose and lungs. For people with asthma or other respiratory system diseases, the particles emitted by vehicles can lead to trouble breathing, trigger attacks, and cause serious complications such as bronchitis.  Is traffic causing child asthma? Most of us know to keep the car windows rolled up and not to breathe in

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