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Kids Have Asthma? Texting Could Save Their Lives

It seems that every week, we hear something else bad about texting. Drivers texting and getting into accidents. Pedestrians texting and bumping into lampposts and falling into fountains. And there’s the annoyance of having everyone around you texting constantly. Apparently texting has created an entire generation of distracted, isolated, and dangerous kids and teens who no longer know how to spell or use proper grammar. Your Kids Have Asthma?  Texting Can Help But for kids with asthma, a text message a day could save their lives. Several studies have been done over the past few

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Can Coffee Control Asthma?

Ever think a cup of joe in the mornings could help you control your asthma? It might sound like a crazy home remedy, but we’ve got three reasons why coffee might just be an easy (and maybe tasty) way to prevent and manage asthma attacks! Can Coffee Control Asthma? First, and perhaps most obviously, hot coffee gives off steam. During an asthma attack, air passages swell and narrow, making it harder to breathe and causing wheezing or shortness of breath. Steam from hot liquids, hot showers, or saunas can help open the airways. Steam also

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Smoke and Asthma

Trying to avoid secondhand smoke

It’s a no-brainer: smoke can cause asthma. For the past several decades, we have been working to reduce the amount of smoke that children are exposed to. But it seems like this was too little too late. Smoke and Asthma Effects A new study out last year found that not only does asthma affect smokers’ children, but their grandchildren as well. It’s not the smoke itself but nicotine in the mother’s system during pregnancy. This exposure limits the development of the lungs in the fetus, resulting in children with asthma. When those children grow up,

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Jobs that Increase Asthma

Two brand-new studies out in January have found that as many as 1 in 6 cases of asthma in adults could be linked to work-related risks. Jobs that Increase Asthma The first study, which looked at an international population of 13,000 people found that most of these high-risk occupations involved chemical exposure. Among the list: spray painters plumbers cleaners health care workers hair stylists Also on the list: food and tobacco industry workers, who are exposed to high levels of plant proteins. The second study, which tracked asthma in around 95,000 Britons, found similar results

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Asthma, Ozone, and AQI

While we talk a lot about indoor air quality, the health benefits that come from breathing clean air inside can be undone by breathing low quality air outdoors. Asthma, Ozone,  AQI Explained The biggest contributor to air quality is ozone. Ground-level ozone that we breathe mostly comes from reactions of man-made VOCs (volatile organic compounds), most commonly from chemical plants, gas pumps, and print shops. When you inhale ozone, it reacts with molecules in your lungs and can cause coughing, irritation, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and even pain and burning sensations. Breathing in air

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Tabata: Funny Name, Serious Exercise for Asthma Sufferers (and everyone else!)

                            What if we told you asthma doesn’t have to stop you from exercising? And what if we told you it would only take four minutes out of your day? Four minutes to healthier lungs, a stronger body, increased metabolism, toner muscles, and much more.   It’s called Tabata. Tabata: Funny Name, Serious Exercise for Asthma Sufferers Tabata was pioneered in the 1990s and has exploded in popularity over the past few years. The key is going as hard as you can

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Avoiding Exercise Because of Asthma? These Famous Athletes Didn’t Let Asthma Stop Them.

For many people, the thought of exercising with asthma conjures images of wheezing, coughing, and gasping. Every minor activity may be a struggle, and oftentimes, people give up on exercise entirely and lose the mental and physical health benefits that come with staying active. Avoiding Exercise Because of Asthma? But what if we could replace that picture of someone struggling to catch their breath with the image of someone in peak condition? Emmitt Smith winning the Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys. Kristi Yamaguchi scoring the gold medal at the Olympics. Dennis Rodman leading the

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