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U.S. To Oversee Air Quality In India & Other Countries

In our travels to China, we’ve seen first hand how air pollution is bringing down the overall health of the region especially the air quality in India. After all, we’ve been actively building our brand over there, for a reason – to contain the problem and help residents breathe better than ever. Apparently, we’re not alone. The United States has recently unveiled plans to expand monitoring of the world’s air quality, in efforts to increase awareness of air pollution in foreign countries and prevent unfit air regulations from affecting U.S. citizens abroad, along with bordering

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Air Pollution and Heart Health

Pollution in cities can cause heart attacks and asthma attacks

We’ve written previously about the impact pollution and air quality can have on health.  Now we turn to air pollution and heart health. This year, China has been undergoing what’s been dubbed the “airpocalypse” as pollution levels reach deadly highs. Many parts of the United States also have similar crises on a smaller scale, not just in big cities. Areas with lots of factories or vehicles can have higher concentrations of ozone, which lead to increased asthma attacks, hospital admissions, and even death, especially in older adults and during the warmer seasons. Pollution and ozone

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Asthma, Ozone, and AQI

While we talk a lot about indoor air quality, the health benefits that come from breathing clean air inside can be undone by breathing low quality air outdoors. Asthma, Ozone,  AQI Explained The biggest contributor to air quality is ozone. Ground-level ozone that we breathe mostly comes from reactions of man-made VOCs (volatile organic compounds), most commonly from chemical plants, gas pumps, and print shops. When you inhale ozone, it reacts with molecules in your lungs and can cause coughing, irritation, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and even pain and burning sensations. Breathing in air

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