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5 Reasons Children Need HEPA Air Purifiers

For many families, having an air purifier is more of a luxury than a necessity. Something to keep the air relatively clean, but not something that could make a huge impact in the health of your family. Well, we’re here to tell those folks that adding a HEPA air purifier can not only make drastic improvements to your breathing immediately, but have strong, long-term impacts on the respiratory health of your children.

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6 Steps to Remove Household Dust

Dust is like a super-villain. No matter how hard you fight to end it’s existence, those pesky particles continually return, rearing their ugly head in all the crevices of your home.  Here are 6 steps to remove household dust. Considering dust is comprised of microscopic human skin particles, insect body parts, pollen, dirt and other undesirable debris, we’re not surprised there are so many ways to remove dust from your home. However, how many of them actually work? To help ensure your home can be dust free for extended periods of time and keep the

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Oransi Partners with Austin Energy for TX Regional Science Fair

As part of our efforts to keep the air in both Texas and America clean as possible, we’ve found ourselves working to help numerous eco-friendly causes. One of the most rewarding activities Oransi participates in is the Austin Energy Regional Science Fair. Although the event itself is specifically based out of Texas and features the region’s most recognized young minds from grade school, all participants are presenting ideas that could potentially solve issues effecting the whole planet.

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Spring Allergies Are The Worst In These 20 Cities

No matter where you call home, allergens are present. Not ideal, but true. Yet, despite the fact allergies and seasonal allergy symptoms can emerge at any given place and time, there are specific cities in the United States where they’re most prominent.

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10 Reasons Everyone Needs An Air Purifier

Health.  It’s really the most important aspect of our lives.  Without your health it’s hard to to anything. Growing research has shown that adding an air purifier can make a huge difference to your health and quality of life. Whether it’s preventing heart disease or helping students at school, air purifiers play an important role.  So, we introduce 10 reasons everyone needs an air purifier. 10 Reasons Everyone Needs an Air Purifier 1.  Allergies – Seasonal allergies are commonly triggered from ragweed allergies, fall allergies and spring allergies.  Yes, the stuffiness and discomfort is annoying.  Many of us use medication.

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What Air Purifier Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Buying an air purifier can be tricky.   It can be especially hard to compare air purifiers and find the best one since they all sound great.   In many cases the marketing hype can be misleading.  It may not lead you to purchase the best air purifier for your situation.   We get it.  Air purifiers are appliances and appliances aren’t something most people get too excited over.  To overcome this some air purifiers are marketed with key pieces of information missing.  In other cases claims are made that are simply not true.   At Oransi,

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Oransi Expansion Looks To Improve Chinese Air Pollution

Last month, we shipped our first products to China. If you’ve been following the news, you’re probably well aware why we’re targeting the world’s most populated country. Air pollution in the People’s Republic of China is well publicized and we are helping to provide much needed relief. Reuters reported that last month smog was so bad, schools in one of China’s largest cities were shut down completely. Bus routes were suspended, preventing many workers from getting to their jobs. For anyone trying to travel, airports were closed, holding up flights. Making matters worse, the cloud

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