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Take Action by Thinking about Taking Action?

Ever since we were little, teachers, parents, and coaches have advised us on the benefits of motivational thinking. “Visualize yourself making the goal!” “Picture finishing the project, and you will!” Over the years motivation may have come in other forms. Hanging a picture of the bikini you want on the fridge to encourage weight loss. Promising yourself a fancy dinner out if you stay in and eat healthy for a month. But it turns out, thinking about the reasons to exercise or lose weight probably won’t help you. On the other hand, thinking about the

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Exercise and Sleep and Exercise

Sleep and exercise are more closely linked than you might know

During the holidays, we told you all about the influence sleep can have on your health. For instance: Teenagers who sleep too little can have higher insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes. People who sleep less have higher rates of obesity and diabetes. Losing sleep can make you hungrier and increase your desire to eat. On the other hand, getting enough sleep offers numerous benefits: Getting enough sleep can help you eat less and move more. A good night’s rest can encourage you to make better dietary decisions. Sleeping can ease your aches and

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It’s Time to Kick the Kids Out (to Play)

Children need unstructured play outside in order to grow and get physical activity

Nationwide, obesity has reached epidemic levels. And in no group is this increase more apparent or more shocking than in children. In addition to poor diets, one large culprit is a lack of activity. Overall, children today seem to move less than children of previous generations. It’s easy to blame television or video games, but the real culprit may actually be well-meaning adults. Children in essence only spend their time in two locations, home and school. So what’s changed at home and in schools over the past few decades? A recent study found that less

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Environment and Activity (Part 1)

Green space in a neighborhood can promote activity

This is part 1 of 2 in a series about  environmental influences on health. Read Part 2 on eating. When people talk about improving their health, it’s often described in terms of individual goals and accomplishments. I’m going to start walking more. Or my family started cooking more healthy foods. But one of the largest factors in your health is also one you can’t easily control. Your environment. The world around us actually works against us when it comes to eating healthy and being active. Small cues in our daily life can greatly influence how

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Work Out Less, Lose More Weight?

Calories in. Calories out. This simple idea is the crux of any weight-loss plan. To lose weight, you have make sure you spend more calories than you consume. Mostly this happens by eating healthy foods and working out. But anyone who’s tried to lose weight and failed knows there is more to it than that. A few recent studies have honed in on what the magic formula might be. First, there can be such a thing as too much exercise. A recent review article from October looked at several exercise-related studies and concluded that the

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Amazing New Technology for the New Year!

As we ring in 2013, many of us have made resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight, or quit smoking. For people with chronic conditions, it may be a resolution to have fewer asthma attacks, take care of bodily aches and pains early, or to lower cholesterol or blood pressure. For health professionals, it may be a more social goal to help protect populations from environmental pollutants, or at the government level, to reduce obesity and diabetes. And technology is here to help you! Just last month, a team at UCLA revealed the newest in allergy-testing

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Go Yoga!

Om…. The sound of peace and relaxation. Or do you find yourself saying “umm” instead? For many people, the thought of doing yoga brings to mind hippies and hipsters, artsy folks and spiritual types. Yoga doesn’t feel like real exercise, and compared to traditional workouts, it just looks silly. Even the names of poses sound ridiculous: the lizard, the downward dog, the camel, the sugarcane. While many yoga practitioners claim to leader healthier, calmer lives, it can be hard to believe that just stretches and poses can confer any benefits. But skeptics may be swayed

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