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Can Honey Provide Sweet Relief from Allergies?

It’s old folk lore that eating local honey can provide relief from allergies. The thinking goes that if you expose yourself to allergens regularly, your body will no longer recognize them as foreign. This principle, a type of immunotherapy, provides the basis for several medical treatments. If it works, eating honey could be a cheap way to keep your allergy symptoms in check before they even begin. But other than anecdotal stories, is there any real evidence for eating honey as allergy prevention? Some studies have shown that eating honey as a treatment can be

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Movember: Show Your Support for Men’s Health!

Whatever your style of mustache, wear it proudly to show your support for men’s health during Movember! During the month of Movember, men (“Mo Bros”) all over the world put away their razors and grow suave ‘staches to “change the face of men’s health.” Similar to the pink ribbon worn during October for breast cancer awareness, the stylish mustaches sported by Mo Bros provide a reminder of the importance of men’s health and help raise funds for cancer organizations. Supported by the women in their lives (“Mo Sistas,” who often participate by wearing stick-on mustaches),

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Can You Be Too Clean?

Antibacterial soap. Germ-killing wipes. Sanitizing hand gel. Can You Be Too Clean? Early Exposure to Germs can Prevent Allergies and Asthma in Children. Chances are you have at least one or all of these products in your home. What better way to make sure you and your family stay healthy, avoid germs, and prevent illness? But what if germs could actually prevent your children from getting sick or acquiring chronic problems including allergies and asthma? Old Theory: Hygiene Hypothesis While it might seem counter-intuitive, a number of studies have shown that early exposure to germs

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