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Can You Be Too Clean?

Antibacterial soap. Germ-killing wipes. Sanitizing hand gel. Can You Be Too Clean? Early Exposure to Germs can Prevent Allergies and Asthma in Children. Chances are you have at least one or all of these products in your home. What better way to make sure you and your family stay healthy, avoid germs, and prevent illness? But what if germs could actually prevent your children from getting sick or acquiring chronic problems including allergies and asthma? Old Theory: Hygiene Hypothesis While it might seem counter-intuitive, a number of studies have shown that early exposure to germs

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Tabata: Funny Name, Serious Exercise for Asthma Sufferers (and everyone else!)

                            What if we told you asthma doesn’t have to stop you from exercising? And what if we told you it would only take four minutes out of your day? Four minutes to healthier lungs, a stronger body, increased metabolism, toner muscles, and much more.   It’s called Tabata. Tabata: Funny Name, Serious Exercise for Asthma Sufferers Tabata was pioneered in the 1990s and has exploded in popularity over the past few years. The key is going as hard as you can

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Avoiding Exercise Because of Asthma? These Famous Athletes Didn’t Let Asthma Stop Them.

For many people, the thought of exercising with asthma conjures images of wheezing, coughing, and gasping. Every minor activity may be a struggle, and oftentimes, people give up on exercise entirely and lose the mental and physical health benefits that come with staying active. Avoiding Exercise Because of Asthma? But what if we could replace that picture of someone struggling to catch their breath with the image of someone in peak condition? Emmitt Smith winning the Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys. Kristi Yamaguchi scoring the gold medal at the Olympics. Dennis Rodman leading the

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Is Traffic Causing Child Asthma?

As cities grow larger and larger, so does the number of cars, motorcycles, and trucks jamming up our roadways. To anyone who’s been stuck in traffic behind an 18-wheeler spewing black smoke, it is no surprise that pollution from vehicles can irritate the nose and lungs. For people with asthma or other respiratory system diseases, the particles emitted by vehicles can lead to trouble breathing, trigger attacks, and cause serious complications such as bronchitis.  Is traffic causing child asthma? Most of us know to keep the car windows rolled up and not to breathe in

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