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Spring Allergies Are The Worst In These 20 Cities

No matter where you call home, allergens are present. Not ideal, but true. Yet, despite the fact allergies and seasonal allergy symptoms can emerge at any given place and time, there are specific cities in the United States where they’re most prominent.

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10 Reasons Everyone Needs An Air Purifier

Health.  It’s really the most important aspect of our lives.  Without your health it’s hard to to anything. Growing research has shown that adding an air purifier can make a huge difference to your health and quality of life. Whether it’s preventing heart disease or helping students at school, air purifiers play an important role.  So, we introduce 10 reasons everyone needs an air purifier. 10 Reasons Everyone Needs an Air Purifier 1.  Allergies – Seasonal allergies are commonly triggered from ragweed allergies, fall allergies and spring allergies.  Yes, the stuffiness and discomfort is annoying.  Many of us use medication.

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When Do You Need an Industrial Air Purifier?

Although the bulky industrial air purifier above could take up a whole room, that model is actually an industrial grade air purifier. Despite their girth, certain demographics rely on them. As a consumer though, many people often wonder when and why anyone would buy a heavy-duty industrial air purifier, instead of a high-efficiency and home-ready model like the Erik Ultra Plus or Max HEPA air purifiers Oransi carries.

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What is a HEPA Filter?

    The HEPA filter was first developed during World War II by the US government as a way to create an effective gas mask.  Little has changed with HEPA filter media since then.   They remain the most effective way to remove particulates from the air.   HEPA Filter Definition By definition, a HEPA filter removes 99.97% or more of airborne particles that are sized 0.3 microns and larger.  This is considered the HEPA standard and sometimes called a true HEPA filter. To give perspective on what this means, it will help to define what

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Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

  Air purifiers can play an important part of an overall strategy to breathe cleaner air.  Whether that be for asthma or allergy relief as well as gas, smoke and odor removal.  The question though is, do air purifiers really work? To assess whether an air purifier will work for you it is important to know what you are looking to remove from the air, how sensitive you are to the pollutant, and the size of the space that needs cleaning.  In our Education Center we provide buying guides to help you through this process.

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Where is Your Product Made?

Made in USA

The most common question we receive is “where is your product made”?  For nearly 10 years the air purifiers I have developed and brought to market have been made in China.  While we have produced very good products it’s always been a question that I wished we could answer differently. Here is how we have transitioned our company to embrace the “where is your product made” question and in addition to have confidence that we are truly delivering the best product on the market and doing so with full transparency. As an allergy sufferer with first

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Kids Have Asthma? Texting Could Save Their Lives

It seems that every week, we hear something else bad about texting. Drivers texting and getting into accidents. Pedestrians texting and bumping into lampposts and falling into fountains. And there’s the annoyance of having everyone around you texting constantly. Apparently texting has created an entire generation of distracted, isolated, and dangerous kids and teens who no longer know how to spell or use proper grammar. Your Kids Have Asthma?  Texting Can Help But for kids with asthma, a text message a day could save their lives. Several studies have been done over the past few

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