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The Most Common Outdoor Allergens In America, By Region

Allergy Triggers By Region

Spring allergy season has been in full effect for a few weeks now. As a result, runny noses and itchy eyes are getting the best of people with allergies. Believe it or not, those allergic reactions can differ, depending where you live. Since certain areas across the United States have different natural growth and higher levels of pollination than others, many regions across the country have differentiating allergy triggers.

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These 100 Cities In America Have The Worst Spring Allergies

Sinus problems

Symptoms associated with Spring Allergies aren’t always the same for everyone. There are many factors that can fluctuate a person’s reaction to seasonal triggers like pollen, dust and mold. One of the main causes of allergy flare-ups is surprisingly where you live. Because air quality regulations and climates vary per region, many cities in America have completely different air quality levels. To create awareness about Spring Allergies, the Asthma And Allergy Foundation Of America has unveiled their yearly rundown of Spring Allergy Capitals for 2015, providing the following list of US cities with the worst

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Spring Allergies Symptoms & Relief

Spring Allergies Graphic

Finally, Spring is upon us! After another cold Winter, we’re all happy to see the temperatures rise and head back outdoors. However, the seasonal shift does have it’s downfalls – more specifically, Spring allergy season, one of the most irritating times of year for allergy sufferers. To prep our health-conscious readers for the impending increase in sniffling and irritated eyes, we’ve outlined the following symptoms and relief for the four main Spring allergies. Educate yourself now and help your health later!

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U.S. To Oversee Air Quality In India & Other Countries

Congress Races To Hammer Out Deal For Bailout Legislation

In our travels to China, we’ve seen first hand how air pollution is bringing down the overall health of the region. After all, we’ve been actively building our brand over there, for a reason – to contain the problem and help residents breathe better than ever. Apparently, we’re not alone. The United States has recently unveiled plans to expand monitoring of the world’s air quality, in efforts to increase awareness of air pollution in foreign countries and prevent unfit air regulations from affecting U.S. citizens abroad, along with bordering countries.

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Five Air Quality Monitors Everyone Should Consider


People are becoming more health conscious than ever before. However, while most folks work to refine their diets or implement a workout routine, more and more are becoming concerned with the quality of air they’re breathing in. And, rightfully so. As we’ve mentioned at length in the past, there are numerous factors polluting the air we breathe and Air Quality In The USA is far from the healthiest, when compared to other countries. But, it does seem like we’re making strides to take better precaution.

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