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Oransi Partners with Austin Energy for TX Regional Science Fair

Austin Energy Regional Science Fair

As part of our efforts to keep the air in both Texas and America clean as possible, we’ve found ourselves working to help numerous eco-friendly causes. One of the most rewarding activities Oransi participates in is the Austin Energy Regional Science Fair. Although the event itself is specifically based out of Texas and features the region’s most recognized young minds from grade school, all participants are presenting ideas that could potentially solve issues effecting the whole planet.

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Spring Allergies Are The Worst In These 20 Cities

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 3.54.41 PM

No matter where you call home, allergens are present. Not ideal, but true. Yet, despite the fact allergies and seasonal allergy symptoms can emerge at any given place and time, there are specific cities in the United States where they’re most prominent.

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10 Reasons Everyone Needs An Air Purifier

Air Purifiers - 10 Reasons Everyone Needs One

When looking to alleviate certain ailments, there are many quick cures we can use to temporarily relieve the impairment. But, at what point do over the counter medicines and home air fresheners become redundant temporary fixes to larger, more consistent problems plaguing our lives? For many people, that reality is now. Unfortunately, they simply don’t realize accessible solutions like an air purifier can actually ease those issues plaguing their home or office, once and for all. To show the range of relief our various units offer, we’ve highlighted ten key reasons most people can benefit

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When Do You Need an Industrial Air Purifier?


Although the bulky air purifier above could take up a whole room, that model is actually an industrial grade air purifier. Despite their girth, certain demographics rely on them. As a consumer though, many people often wonder when and why anyone would buy a heavy-duty air industrial air purifier, instead of a high-efficiency and home-ready model like the Erik Ultra Plus or Max HEPA air purifiers Oransi carries.

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Six Tips To Combat Winter Allergies

air purifiers for allergies

When many people think of winter allergies, they assume most of their resulting symptoms will be frozen into remission. However, the reality is that cold weather doesn’t deflect all allergies. Actually, the frigid air makes some symptoms much worse.

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