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China Air Purifier Trends

Oransi EJ air purifier in China

Since the US Embassy in Beijing began reporting the air quality readings in Jan 2012 the awareness of the severity of the air environment issues in China has risen dramatically. With the prevalent use of mobile phones and apps it has become common to check the air quality levels regularly. Let’s look a little deeper at what’s happening. The air environment in China is very different than that in the United States or Europe. China has small PM2.5 particulates as well as a variety of gases such as formaldehyde, ozone, combustion gases, sulfur, etc that

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Fall Allergies: Find Relief From The Four Key Allergens

fall allergies

For most people, fall is one of the more welcomed seasons of the year, offering cooler temperatures and putting kids back in schools. Yet, for most allergy sufferers, the autumn air encourages more allergy triggers and provokes symptoms for everyone affected. To help our readers learn about the most detrimental airborne irritants this season and how they can relieve their allergic reactions, we’ve broken down the four key fall allergens

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Oransi Air Purifiers On Display In China

Air Purifiers Oransi China 1

While touring China earlier this year, we not only had a chance to partake in the 7th China Air Purification Technology and Equipment Exhibition, but demonstrate our high-performance air purifiers for those making headway on the region’s cultural shift in air quality. To various crowds of business leaders, along with school and hospital administrators, we highlighted the benefits of our large HEPA filters and how their inclusion of high quality activated carbon can truly make a difference for health-concerned citizens.

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Oransi CEO Explains The Benefits Of Being ‘Made In USA’ For HomeWorld Business Magazine

homeworld business magazine oransi cover

This month, we’ve been spotlighting our Erik Purifiers being Made in America. While attaining that homemade stamp of approval was hard work initially and worth sharing alone, the advantages of having our premium, high-end air cleaners Made In USA are really why the move was made. Yet, we aren’t the only ones who find those benefits worthwhile.

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5 Reasons Children Need HEPA Air Purifiers

HEPA Air Purifiers For Children

For many families, having an air purifier is more of a luxury than a necessity. Something to keep the air relatively clean, but not something that could make a huge impact in the health of your family. Well, we’re here to tell those folks that adding a HEPA air purifier can not only make drastic improvements to your breathing immediately, but have strong, long-term impacts on the respiratory health of your children.

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