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Oransi CEO Explains The Benefits Of Being ‘Made In USA’ For HomeWorld Business Magazine

homeworld business magazine oransi cover

This month, we’ve been spotlighting our Erik Purifiers being Made in America. While attaining that homemade stamp of approval was hard work initially and worth sharing alone, the advantages of having our premium, high-end air cleaners Made In USA are really why the move was made. Yet, we aren’t the only ones who find those benefits worthwhile.

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5 Reasons Children Need HEPA Air Purifiers

HEPA Air Purifiers For Children

For many families, having an air purifier is more of a luxury than a necessity. Something to keep the air relatively clean, but not something that could make a huge impact in the health of your family. Well, we’re here to tell those folks that adding a HEPA air purifier can not only make drastic improvements to your breathing immediately, but have strong, long-term impacts on the respiratory health of your children.

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6 Steps For Removing Household Dust

6 Steps For Removing Dust

Dust is like a super-villain. No matter how hard you fight to end it’s existence, those pesky particles continually return, rearing their ugly head in all the crevices of your home. Considering dust is comprised of microscopic human skin particles, insect body parts, pollen, dirt and other undesirable debris, we’re not surprised there are so many ways to remove dust from your home. However, how many of them actually work?

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Air Quality in China (Xi’an)

Xi'an Terra Cotta Warriors

We were honored to be able to present to business leaders and school and hospital administrators in a conference on air quality in Xi’an China recently.  Xi’an, home to the Terra Cotta warriors unfortunately has some of the worst air pollution in China.  As part of an education outreach we presented on the current air situation and provided solutions to help people breathe easier. Here is a Chinese TV news report and below is an overview for some of the content that was presented. Overview There are many factors that contribute to poor air quality

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Summer Allergies: Symptoms & Relief

air purifiers for summer allergies

The best part about summer is how the warm weather seemingly brings everyone together, offering more opportunities for outdoor activity and less time indoors. Yet, with so much further interaction outside, the amount of allergy triggers increase substantially and can cause plenty of seasonal sneezing, runny noses and irritated skin. In order to remind you about all the allergy triggers you’re about face upon heading outdoors and potentially track back into your homes, we’ve put together this list of the main allergies associated with summer allergy season.

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